About the Company

Affinity Financial Services Group was established in 2017, a company driven by the pursuit of its dreams for

“A Better Financial World. A Better Deal For Everyone.”

With this aspiration, we ignite opportunities for businesses and investors by providing better deals bringing everyone with us on a successful journey towards wealth accumulation.

The Management

Joe Low

With more than 15 years experience in infotech, finance and global sales; Joe has worked with global financial institutions and some of the largest hi-tech companies in the world. Recent years, Joe has also gained in-depth knowledge of real estate market in the region. His main focus is charting the strategic growth and expansion of the company and is responsible for overseeing the technology and development of the AFS platform.

Cathy Fong

With decades of unmatched experience in both multinational offshore and private banks, Cathy is deeply rooted in the capital markets. Skilled in Portfolio Management and Private Banking, Cathy experienced extreme situations and learns with the customers’ needs. Developing strength in leading customized complex lending solutions against all asset classes including Real Estates.

About the Logo

AFS logo only

The logo of the company is designed specifically to represent our brand vision. “Connecting Borrowers & Investors”  Investors is represented by the largest square and borrowers represented by the smallest square. The difference in size of the two is to signify investors (being the largest square) showing a helping hand to support the borrowers.  Our company is represented by the square in the middle, connecting both side and enabling a better financial world with our unique business model whereby investors are able to gain consistent interest with their excess funds and the borrowers are able to grow and expand with AFS’s business funding solutions.

Our Strength

We are probably one of the fastest in approval and cash disbursement funding and working capital loan companies in Asia Pacific. In principle approval (IPA) within 48hrs upon full documentation and immediate funding upon acceptance. Using a unique system developed by our in-house team, we are able to review, generate agreement and disburse funds all in less than a week.

Business Office Building

Our Vision

A Better Financial World – We ignite opportunities for businesses and investors by providing a better deal for everyone.

Our Mission

  • AFS strive to be the most customer – centric alternative financing firm in the industry.
  •  Be a dependable and trustworthy partner to resolve your financial needs and multiply your investments.
  • To enable businesses and investors realise their full potential

Our Values

  • Consistent – Consistency is a fundamental value for  AFS, as we strive to provide reliable and stable financial solutions to our investors and clients.
  • Sustainable – As a financial services company, we are committed to integrating sustainability into our business practices, ensuring that our operations are environmentally responsible, socially conscious, and economically viable for both our clients and future generations.”
    Integrity – Honesty, Transparency, Strong moral and ethical code of conduct
  • Passion – Customer centric, Constant innovation, Empathy, Serious
  • Robust – Robustness is a fundamental value for AFS, as we prioritize building resilient and adaptable systems to ensure the long-term stability and success of our clients and the organization