AFFINITY FINANCIAL SERVICES. We are growing and expanding, if you are keen to be a part of the growing community of investors whom will grow with us. Speak to us. We have presence in Shanghai, 陆家嘴 area. Do let us know if you would like to find out more about AFS.

In AFS, we constantly innovate to better serve our clients, with a solid background and strong track records, we will continue to deliver our promises to you.
We pride ourselves to be an independent company, profitable since we started. Using innovative strategy to manage and grow the business, we have presence in 4 countries in less than 3 years.


安丰盛融服务,我们不断创新,以更好的为我们的客户提供服务,凭借坚实的背景和强大的业绩记录,我们将继续兑现我们的承诺给您。 我们是一家独立的公司,自成立以来一直盈利。通过创新的策略来管理和发展业务,我们在不到3年的时间内已经在4个国家建立了业务关系。


SME Owner

"All investment carries risk. We are in the business of managing risk for our investors and our clients"

Our Investment Mantras

Our Strength


Consistent Results

Using a proprietary risk and credit assessment system, AFS is able to deliver income and results to our investors and clients.


We are here to stay
and so is our fund

All our funds are specially curated to ensure that it is able to continue to be profitable in the next 10, 20 years. So you can expect our funds to continue serving you.


Enhancing on
industry practice

All clients and investors goes through a robust KYC and AML checks before they are onboarded. Our checks goes beyond industry normal practice.