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Our key product is helping SME in Singapore with your cashflow management. We provide you with additional resources for your working capital, expansions or project needs.

SME Business Funding Solution

Cashflow management is the key to all businesses. We understand why more cashflow is important to you and we know we can help. We have 4 main types of funding solution, namely Secured Loan, Unsecured Loan, Invoice Financing and Project Financing. 

SME Secured Loan

SME Secured Loans are loans that are backed by a real estate asset, like an office (commercial or industrial property) or residence of the company director. These assets can be collateral for the loan. Secured loan has generally a lower interest rate compared to the Unsecured Loan, longer loan tenure and higher loan amount.

SME Unsecured Loan

SME Unsecured Loans are collateral-free and the director of the company will usually be the personal guarantor for the business loan.  Unsecured loans are attractive to newer companies that do not have strong assets and cash balances.  It is usually meant for short-term support to the company cash flow for projects, expansion or day-to-day management.

Trusted Fintech Platform

Approved by GovTech Singapore, we have a secured trusted platform for SME Loan application.  Designed by the Government, MyInfo Business is a service that enables us to manage the use of its corporate and applicant’s personal data for simpler and faster online transactions.  Using the information from Singpass and MyInfo Business, we are able to reduce the time needed for the credit assessment of the company giving you an faster response time.

Apply with Singpass

Using the information from Singpass and MyInfo Business, we created a simple application which allows applicants to apply for SME Business loan in less than 3 minutes.   The Myinfo and MyInfo Business would seek applicant permission to share their business and personal information to our system. These information have been vetted and approved by Singpass (IMDA) for the need of the application. The information made available to AFS is loaded onto a secured platform and only accessible by limited personal within the company.  

All your information will remain private and confidential, we respect the privacy of individual and recognise the importance of personal data your have entrusted to us.  We will not disclose your personal data to any third parties without first obtaining your consent permitting us to do so.

SME Business loan using Singpass MyInfo.

Sign with Singpass

The “Sign with SingPass” allows SingPass users to use the SingPass Mobile app to digitally sign an electronic document. This digital signature is identifiable and uniquely linked to the signer. By using the “Sign with SingPass” feature, the signature is cryptographically linked to the signer and automatically validated at the point of signing. 

The signed document is platform agnostic, such that the validated signature can be viewed with the user’s preferred system. Digital signatures made with “Sign with SingPass” use certificates issued by ATS, the National Certification Authority. Upon ATS’ accreditation under Singapore’s Electronic Transactions Act, signatures made using “Sign with SingPass” will be regarded as secure electronic signatures. 

During the digital signing process, no document data will be transferred between the digital signing partner’s platform/business partner and the NDI platform. Instead, only a cryptographically random, unintelligible, and irreversible code representing the signed document will be transferred during the transaction. Cybersecurity measures in line with industry best practices have been implemented with the “Sign with SingPass” service.

In AFS we have integrated “Sign with SingPass” to our system with the help of DOCUSIGN. Docusign is one of the approved integration vendor for “Sign With Singpas”.   Launch in September 2021, AFS further simplify business funding process by allowing SMEs borrowers to sign the Loan Agreement using Singpass anytime, using a mobile phone setup with Singpass application. 

With “Sign with SingPass”, it will take less than two minutes to sign a digital signature to a digitised  laon agreement document.

How to sign with Singpass mobile.
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Short Term Bridging Loan

From 1 to 24 months
From 1% Monthly Interest
  • Fast Approval
  • Get your funds within a week
  • Ideal for quick cashflow

Flexible Lending

Most flexible SME business loan plan
From 1% Monthly Interest
  • Flexible Monthly Payment
  • Flexible Loan Tenure
  • Flexible Capital Repayment

Mortgage Term Loan

Unlock monetary value of assets
From 3% Yearly Interest
  • Commercial, Industrial or Residential
  • Interest only or amortising repayment
  • Up to 70% of Market Value

Value to Our Customer

We pride ourselves to be a trustworthy SME funding solutions company, which we are able to provide a customise SME business loan to your company needs. We have a robust business model which can be tailored to your needs and repayment ability.